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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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Big Brother


Channel 4's 'Big Brother' series attracted an average audience of about

5,500,000 with many people showing more interest in voting to evict people

from the Big Brother house than voting to elect people to the House of

Parliament. The tabloid press carried pages of articles speculating on

whether the two chief participants would have sex together live on TV. They

were disappointed this time but the producers are now busy preparing the

next series of the programme, no doubt hoping that this time round live sex

will take place, or even better a homosexual affair.


The success of the programme gives a graphic insight into the abyss into

which our society is heading, led on by the depraved minds that now run the

TV media. The boundaries of what is permissible are being pushed further and

further to satisfy a public that demands more and more titillation. TV now

offers a regular diet of violence, sexual immorality, foul language and the

occult. Channel 4 in particular has shown programmes featuring incest, male

and female homosexuality and even sex with animals.


In Revelation 9.21 we read that at the time of the Great Tribulation when

severe judgements of God are striking the earth, 'The rest of mankind did

not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or

their thefts.' If you were to take murder, sorcery (the occult), sexual

immorality and crime out of popular entertainment today there would not be

much left. As society is being indoctrinated to accept the base standards

propagated by the media, so people are unable to see anything wrong with

this kind of behaviour.


On the subject of Big Brother it is interesting to look at the origin of the

title of this programme. It is taken from George Orwell's novel '1984', a

nightmare vision of a future totalitarian state controlled by Big Brother

and the Thought Police. Hoardings blare out the message that 'Big Brother is

Watching You' and every movement of the people is monitored by telescreens,

which follow them in their homes, watching and recording what they are doing

and saying. Orwell wrote '1984' in 1948 as a response to the fascist and

communist dictatorships of Hitler and Stalin and as a warning not to go down

this road in the future.


In '1984' the Party controls what people think and how they behave, imposing

a puritanical morality and making people attend rallies of the 'Anti-Sex

League.' What is fascinating about our situation today is that we live in a

society, which has increasing control of what people think and how they

behave. But it is moving in precisely the opposite direction to the one

envisaged by Orwell. Rather than a controlled society with a single ideology

and a puritanical life style, we have a society in which there is no guiding

ideology and anything goes. People think this means society has become

liberated, but in fact it means that people are being controlled by those

who are imposing selfish individualism and the absence of any moral

restraint. These are becoming the only values, which are tolerated in much

of the media.


People in the media protest that any attempt to restrict the portrayal of

sex or violence on TV is censorship. However there is already censorship on

our TV. You cannot say anything about God as Creator and present alternative

views to evolution. You cannot say homosexuality is wrong, you cannot really

give a reason to believe that Jesus is the one way of salvation,

increasingly you cannot promote wholesome family life or say much that is

positive about the past history of these islands. There is censorship by the

liberal left establishment who run the political system and who impose their

values through TV and the educational system. In fact there is a growing

totalitarianism which is quite different from the one George Orwell

envisaged in '1984', but is nevertheless extremely sinister and needs to be

exposed and resisted.


This lines up with the prophetic passages of the Bible. In Psalm 2, a

prophetic Psalm speaking about the second coming of the Messiah Jesus, we

read how the rulers of the earth 'take counsel together against the Lord and

against his Anointed (Messiah), saying, 'Let us break their bonds in pieces

and cast away their cords.' In other words they are saying let us cast away

any moral restraint, which comes from God and the Bible. In 2 Peter 2 we

read of false prophets and false teachers who will come in the last days,

who promise freedom, but are themselves slaves of corruption. Our permissive

society promises people freedom from restraint, but ends up bringing people

into bondage to destructive habits.


The growing moral anarchy of our time is leading to social disintegration as

we are seeing in riots and chaos in our cities. Ultimately this will lead to

the kind of dictatorship Orwell envisaged in '1984' as 'Big Brother'

Antichrist takes over the world system and imposes his rule on the nations

of the world by making it impossible to buy or sell without giving

allegiance to him (see Revelation 13). Fortunately his brief tyrannical rule

will be broken by the glorious return of the Messiah Jesus who will set up

his benevolent rule of the planet for the final 1000 years of its history

(Revelation 20).