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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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Prayer Points concerning the present situation in Gaza

Prayer Points Concerning the Present Situation in Gaza:


1. About one million Israeli civilians are threatened by Hamas rocket fire.


2. Over 4,000 rockets and over 4,000 mortar shells fired at Israel from 2000-2008.


3. Rocket launchers are deliberately placed in built up areas by Hamas to draw Israeli fire and then claim massacres to western media.


4. Hamas wants control of its borders so it can import more missiles.


5. Egypt is supposed to be controlling its border with Gaza to prevent arms getting to Hamas. Not doing so. Carried in tunnels below border.


6. Hamas is backed by Ahmedinejad's Iran which seeks to eliminate Israel and Christianity. Harsh Islamic rule in Gaza. Floggings, amputations, executions etc.


7. Hezbollah in Lebanon also backed by Iran. Worst case scenario is them opening second front from Lebanon and bombarding north of Israel. Israel has warned of fierce retaliation if any rockets come through from Lebanon.


8. Possible regional conflict if Hezbollah / Syria / Iran get directly involved. Iran already proposing oil embargo of countries supporting Israel.


9. Sunni Arab governments in Egypt, Saudi, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority fear growing Shiite Iranian influence in the region. Dislike Hamas because of this. Also dislike Ahmedinejad's regime in Iran. Syria allied to Iran. Lebanon virtually controlled by Hezbollah. President Abbas

of PA in conflict with Hamas, his Fatah party considered moderate by Israel and the rest of the world.


10. Most of the Arab street in all these countries support Hamas against Israel. This could destabilise governments in Egypt and Jordan. Another worst case scenario is the takeover of West Bank by Hamas.


11. In the West the left wing are allied with Muslims that support Hamas. Demonstrations in London and western cities. If leftists found themselves living in Gaza they would soon be victims of Hamas.


12. World opinion is easily manipulated by TV images and reports which only give half the story.


13. Safety of civilians in Gaza and Israeli soldiers. Israeli believers in army.  


14. Elections coming up in Israel. Choice between coalition led by Kadima's Tzipi Livni or Likud Benjamin Netanyahu.


15. Small Christian presence in Gaza. Suffered persecution. Death for any Muslims converting. Son of prominent Hamas leader has become Christian and gave testimony on Fox news last night. Now living in US with death threat on him from Al Qaeda.


16. Diplomatic initiatives. No agreement at UN on cease-fire yet. US opposition to cease-fire resolution. What happens from Jan 20th when Obama becomes President? French President Sarkozy to Israel this week. Ceasefire as in Lebanon with foreign troops in Gaza to monitor

situation (but who will want to send their troops to Gaza?).


17. Antisemitic incidents in London and western cities because of Gaza. Graffiti in Golders Green saying Jihad 4 Israel & Kill Jews.


18. That people might seek the Lord and the only hope for the world  Yeshua / Jesus the Messiah.